Friday, November 20, 2009

A little about me!

1. I love to play Tetris!
2. I danced all my life until about 21 when I met my hubby.
3. My name is originally Italian, but it is a family name from a Danish grandmother.
4. I recently lost 50 pounds!!
5. I carry a rare genetic disorder gene(The Bubble Boy Disease gene) and have lost a son to the disease.
6. I have moved over 15 times in my life. I have lived in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Maryland.
7. I love camping and the outdoors.
8. I love to garden.
9. I have been married to my Hubby for over 12 years and have 2 kids and an Angel.
10. I have had 3 scrapbooking publications and I am expecting 2 more in Scrapbook Trends Magazine next summer.


Tanya said...

HEY... I LOVE tetris too!

You are SUCH a sweet person! I am so fortunate to have found you! Never go away!


Melissa Mann said...

loved reading your facts!!! love finding out all these new things about everyone!

Michelle said...

Your strength amazes me! Your work is beautiful.

Bev said...

sorry to hear about your loss... hugs

Allison Cope said...

Wow! So many neat things! I'm so sorry for your loss. I have an angel too! **hugs**