Thursday, July 15, 2010

15th of the month card challenge at Scrapbookdeals4u

I am in charge of the card sketch challenges over at Scrapbookdeals4u. So, when I got my July Homespun Chic kit, I was so excited to see this lovely fabric in there! I had an idea right away of what I wanted to do! I love flowers, I could put them on every layout. So, in combination with the kit, Pagemaps and the 15th of the month tutorial; here it what I have for all of you! Remeber, if you join in on this and create a card using this sketch, you could be in a drawing for some lovely prizes! Share with us what you do and post them here!

Create a card using this sketch from Cardmaps. Check out ther sketches here.

Here is mine.

Now, I will share with all of you how I created this flower in the card. It was so easy and I am sure that a lot of you know how to do it. I just thought the material in this kit was perfect for this!

I started with my supplies: Some brads and the fabric from the July Homespun Chic Kit! You can also use any fabric or ribbon and you can decide on the width. The thicker the fabric, the bigger the flower.

Then I folded the end of my fabric so it had a clean edge, threaded my needle and began gathering; weaving in and out of the fabric.

I kept on doing this. Naturally, you could start seeing the flower forming. I used all of the fabric.

Then, when I was finished, I put a knot in it stitching all of the layers together. Finish it off by adding a brad or a button.

I made the flower instead of using a bow, as the sketch shows, but that is the beauty of the sketch. Make it your own!

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Sandy Ang said...

Such a fab fabric flower ~!