Friday, October 8, 2010

I am sitll in shock!

Ok, so I got picked to be on the Samantha Walker Designs Design Team! This is amazing and I am still pinching myself! Have you seen this women's work? She is fantastic and to think she asked me to help create and inspire others!

I am really looking forward to sharing my ideas and working with the other group of amazingly talented ladies! Samantha has wonderful things in store and you are going to want to bookmark this women in your favorites! Stay tuned for more! Woooo whooo!

Go check it! What are you waiting for?


Eva said...

Congratulations on making it on Samantha's team...I am so excited to be on the same team with you an can't wait to see your your work!

AJ said...

yea! congrats to you!! :)

Jingle said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm excited to be on the team with you!

Samantha Walker said...

So glad you accepted my invitation! Your work is divine! Can't wait to meet you!