Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Second Day...Adornit!

Our Love
Excuse me for a moment while I mop the drool off the floor! Have you seen the
Misty Collection? As soon as I saw it, my jaw dropped....beautiful! I love
it! I also new exactly what I wanted to do with some of these yummy papers. I
made these fun flowers and I want to show you how to make them! They are super
easy! Here is my layout.

Here is how you do it!
Cut out 8 circles, about 1 1/4 inches. then fold them in half and in half again,
so that the circles are in four quarters.

Fold two edges so you get this point

Do the same with all 8 circles.

Turn the circle over and fold again so that the two edges meet in the middle.

Do this with all of the circles. Then cut out a larger circle and apply with
double double sided tape.

Start attaching the the petals to the circle like this.

It may take some arranging, but should end up looking like this.

Add some bling to the center and you have got yourself one amazing flower!

To check more about Adornit and Carolee's Creations go here!


Michelle said...

Seppa, I love this page!! I LOVE the flowers!! They are so easy!! I am going to have to try them.
I love your new blog design!! Looks great!!! I am glad you got it!!

Chantal said...

Your page is gorgeous, the flowers are awesome. thank you for the explanations. I think I 'll try to make one.