Monday, December 20, 2010

Last minute Christmas idea for girls.....Samantha Walker can help!

I wanted to do something else with this fun material I got from Samantha Walker. I decided to make some scrunchies for my daughter to give to her friends for Christmas. These were super easy and I thought I would share!

First you want a strip of fabric that is about 20 inches in length and 4 inches in width.

Turn the fabric inside out and pin it so it is ready to sew.

Make sure you sew it length wise leaving the two ends open.

Turn your material right side in so it looks like this.

Cut about 7 inches of elastic. The elastic I used was 1/2 inch elastic.

Poke a safety pin through one of the ends of the elastic and feed it through one of the ends of your material. I did this because it was easier to grab on to the pin than the elastic while feeding it through.

Once you get it through, sew it to the material. Make sure you do this on both ends so the elastic is totally attached to the material. It will start to take scrunchie form and bunch up.

Slide one end into the other so it is in the shape of a circle. Pin it told it together so you can sew it.

Oh wow, there it is...a scrunchie and so easy!

Hmmmmm...I think I need some tags to go with these cute gifts!

What is this? Wow some fabulous ornament tags from some of Samantha's Silhouette files! Oh, and I also used some fabulous paper from Creative Imaginations!

Here is the end result! My daughter is so excited to give these away to her friends!

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Fabric- Samantha Walker for Riley Blake Designs

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Michelle said...

These are really cool, Seppa!!!

Jingle said...

These are so cute!