Saturday, February 5, 2011

More CHA pics and a Pebbles Card!

Here are some more for ya!

How would you like to walk down the scrapbooking red carpet in one of these? Yes, this is Die Cute with a View and these are made with paper and a curling iron!

My Zva projects!

Here is a card I did for Pebbles! What I love about this is all the buttons and the fact that the New Arrival Girl collection is so versatile. It works perfect for Valentines Day!


Michelle said...

WOW!! All of those dresses made from paper!!! BEAUTIFUL projects.. all of them, Seppa!!! Your card is wonderful! The perfect V-day card!!

Nicole said...

Those dresses really were amazing, weren't they? Love all your projects! I think every one is in the "magazine" I made from the show :)

Melissa Mann said...

Great layouts!! I SO wish I could have gone this time around :-(