Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fancy Pants To the Moon Picks!

Hi all! I made these fun picks for the Fancy Pants blog about a month ago and now, I want to share them with you. You can use these for decorating a boys room, they can be part of the wrapping on a gift and if you cut them a little shorter, they look fantastic in a cake! Want to learn how to make these cuties...well here you go!

Fancy Pants Supplies:
To the Moon: Kazowie
To the Moon: Asteroid
To the Moon: Constellation
To the Moon: Moon Rays
To the Moon: Cards
To the Moon: Strips
To the Moon: Chipboard

Other Supplies:
foam adhesive

1. First I picked the shapes I wanted my picks to be. I cut these ones out on my die cutting machine.

2. Then I stared adding more patterned paper to them to dress them up. I also used foam adhesive to give my picks more dimension.

3. I then added some embellishments again using more foam adhesive on them for added dimension.

4. Next, I added the pick to the back and yeah ... that is basic transparent tape. Works great!

5. Now, you have these adorable picks to decorate whatever you want! So fast and easy ... takes no time at all!

I love the details on these picks. Try it and if you haven't tried using foam adhesive for dimension ... use them and you will see your projects really come to life!

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Jingle said...

These are super cute!!!