Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scrapbook Trends Cards

Today...I have a couple of cards to share with you. These were in the July issue of Scrapbook Trends Cards.

Always Together

Thank You

Ok...one more. This is one of my projects I did for the American Crafts DT call. Sad that I didn't get on, but that's ok. Hope you all like and have a beautiful day!

What a Day to Explore


Jingle said...

Very pretty cards and your layout is gorgeous! I'm so sorry you didn't make it because you would have been a GREAT addition to their team!

nancy said...

G, I didn't make it either. So that puts me in good company with you! And I think it's a lovely page. :)

Renee said...

Congrats on being featured! Thank you for sharing you pretty cards. Oh, and I really like the layout, too!!

Kristine Berc said...

These are wonderful! I think AC is really missing out by not picking you up! Your work always inspires me :)