Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to work then off to CHA on Saturday

If you haven't heard much from me in the last week it was because I was on a Caribbean Cruise with my hubby. Let me say it was nothing short of amazing, beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, yummy food and loads of fun! Now, it is back to the grind and cold...ahhh. Just have to say I am missing this....

This Saturday I am headed to California to CHA with the Adornit Girls. I am so excited to share this fun experience with them. They have been so good to me. Come by and say hi!

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Lisa Andrews said...

The cruise sounds so wonderful. That is so great you got to go.

I'll be at CHA too. Will you be at the Adorn It booth? I'll have to stop by and say hi. I'd love to meet you IRL! :)