Friday, February 17, 2012

I need to some storage solution help!

Ok...I've got a problem, let me show you.

There it is. It is not often that I share my scrapbooking space with the public because it really isn't beautiful. I have outgrown my little area. I share this room with my husband, he works in here too, so I really only have one side of the room and the closet. It is crowded in here and I know I need to organize and purge.

So, this is where my loyal followers come in. I am looking for storage solutions for fabric, packages of brads, ideas to store already made cards, stamps get the idea. Like any scrapbooker with a scrapbooking space, I would love to have some beautiful custom storage cabinets, but that is not happening right now. I am looking for inexpensive solutions that have a clean organized feel to it.

What's in it for you? Well, since I need to do some purging, I will need a new home for some scrappy supplies. Tell me about your storage solutions, insert a link of your ideas...whatever. If I love and use your get some scrappy goodies from me! Yay...I can't wait to hear everyone's ideas!


jennmom2000 said...

Have you looked at those idea Expedit shelf units? They aren't too pricey and you can fit lots in them. Get some baskets for the shelves and label! I like to sort by color.

Jamie Lane [Cripps] said...

When all else fails...go up!

I have those 12x12 paper drawers you have which is where I keep my fabric and some of my papers. But see all that extra wall space above yours...plenty of room to go up! :)

This was my room in 2011:

The pictures make it look bigger than it is...since these pictures, I have added another one of those white cabinets (above my desk)over my door way entry (which is only visible from inside the room) as well as long shelf above my window (above the curtain rod)...and my paper tower in between my two cabinets is a bit taller! I have a little plastic bin beside my table (between table and printer stand) that I store most of my cards I created in.

I use big lots and IKEA for most of my purchases to keep it cheap!

Vicky Alberto said...

I feel your pain. My scrap space is also very small, see here I think once you go through an purge a bit you'll find that things are easier to organize. I really like shallow bins and use trays for all the little brads, buttons and such (the kinds like veggies some in all cut up and separated compartments - I keep these for this purpose). Deep bins get filled and you can't see what you need - or get messy from digging through them. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Jenny beat me to it. I agree with an expedit too. I like mine. Lots of baskets filled with most of my stash. My room isn't very big either, so it works well. My brads, I took out of the package and put into a floss box. My stash is sorted by type. All my flowers are together, chipboard together, etc. My issue is my photos!! They are out of control! LOL Like Vicki said, once you go through it and purge some things out, you will find room. It's a great stash of goodies!! :)

tmtluvs2scrap said...

years ago I rescued a wallpaper fixture from Wal-Mart where I was working. These are wire "cubes" that stack. I have 2 stacks that are 5 1/2 ft tall and 2 other 3 ft stacks that have a board over the top to create a shelf for heavier stuff (sewing machine, etc.). They are not tall enough for 12x12 paper to stand up, so I used the extra 12" wire shelf leftover from re-doing my closets and they stack horizontally. My 8 1/2 x 11 paper is stored on its side in metal 5 compartment desk organizers. I know its hard to imagine.

I don't have near as much stuff as you do, but I am cheap and re-use/recycle everything I can. I use (plastic & cardboard) shoe boxes to store my stamps, mini notebooks, inkpads, photos, envelopes and alreadt made cards. The cards I just had paper separators labeled by subject (bday, christmas, etc.). I agree with going taller and keeping the drawers shallow. I have bought shoe shelves at Target (wood, assemble yourself) which works really well using shoe boxes or storing projects in process. Think outside the box. Check dollar stores.

Another thought is to change the layout of your room. I have found that I actually have more room for storage by moving my table into the middle of the room, one end against the wall. then use the space to the side and behind your table for storage. You'll have to have a look next month when we go to the scrapbook expo!

Martha Galvez said...

Hi my friend! So if you have an Ikea in your area I definitely recommend the expedit units, they have them in all sizes and colors. Love them! I just posted some pictures on my blog because I am not sure if you remember when you were here last year my scrap room was in the garage, well I moved from the garage to my oldest son's room (we switched) a lot smaller than the garage! But those units fit a lot, I got a bunch of baskets in Michaels and they fit years of kit club kits ;0) and I also have a smaller expedit for my stamps about 300 stampin up sets.