Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Scrapbooking Room and a winner!

So, it's done...well kind of. I still have some things to hang up to make it look beautiful. Right now it is just clean and organized, but that is what I wanted. I really pleased with it.

So, who was the first one to give me some ideas that I used? Well, Jennmom2000! I know this girl and love her! Thanks for the tips! She said:

"Have you looked at those idea Expidit shelf units? They aren't too pricey and you can fit lots in them. Get some baskets for the shelves and label! I like to sort by color."

I have some goodies for you, so email me your addy to and I will get them out to you asap!

So, as you can see I used some new shelving, but I didn't use the IKEA Expidit Shelve Units. I used ones by Martha Stewart, which gave me the same idea as the Expidit shelves. I did get quite a lot in them so that the rest of my room doesn't look so cluttered anymore. I did a lot of reorganizing, so my closet looks better and my wood embellishment hanging rack isn't bursting anymore.

So, there it is. As soon as I finish decorating my room, I will post more pictures. I have an idea of what I want to do, just got to get a few more things! Thanks for everyone's help!


Caldwell Family said...

Dang girl! That looks awesome! I'm gonna need you to come help me organize my craft room. :)

Lisa Andrews said...

Your room looks great! Love that hanging rack.

Penny said...

I really like the idea of hanging papers. I never saw that done before.