Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A {Simple} Mini in a Sn@p!

Aren't You just super excited to get your hands on the new Sn@p products?  Today I want to share with you a cute, simple and easy mini you can create using the Sn@p 3x4 Cards.  Let's have a look at these beauties!

You can use these cards to create any type of mini.  I made an evelope box mini and I used the Handemade Holiday 3x4 Sn@p Cards.

Celebrate the season mini8

Celebrate the season mini7

Celebrate the season mini6

Celebrate the season mini1

Look how perfectly they fit into these envelopes!  Now, you can dress up these 3x4 cards with pictures too.

Celebrate the season mini2

Celebrate the season mini3

Celebrate the season mini4

Celebrate the season mini5

What Simple, but sweet album and it was a Sn@p to make.  It's so easy with the new Sn@p Collection.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Simple Stories Supplies:
3X4 Sn@p Cards #2726
6x6 Paper Pad #2701
Fundemental Cardstock Stickers #2702
Expression Cardstock Stickers #2703

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cardaddict said...

Wow, love this set. can i ask what pattern or machine you used for the box and mini envelopes?