Monday, September 10, 2012

Some flowers...and going back to school with GCD Studios!

Ah is that time of year, kids in school, fall projects and the changing of the leaves.  I do like this time of the year.  I feel like life slows down a bit and that is good when you have had a busy summer like I have.  

Today I am up on the GCD Studios Blog with a layout of my gorgeous daughter, but I will show you here as well.  This picture was taken last fall, right before she went back to school.  I couldn't wait to scrap it, but I wanted to make it just perfect for such a beautiful girl.  So, flowers are in order, but not just any flowers.  I made some flowers out of borders and I want to show you how.  First off here is the layout!

Here is how to make these tiny, cute flowers.

First I chose a border.  This is a border punch from Martha Stewart, but you can use any border punch you want.  You can even cut one out from your die cutting machine.

Here are a couple, but make as many different kinds as you would like...get creative!

Next, you want to roll them up, making sure that pattern you want to see is inside or facing you as you roll.  I used a petal roller to roll mine up, but you can use tweezers or just your fingers.

Now, make sure you glue the end to the rest of the flower, then pull the petals down starting from the outside. There you have fast and easy to do!

Go ahead and give it a go and thanks for stopping by today!


Jingle said...

BEAUTIFUL layout! Love it!

Diana Waite said...

these flowers are AMAZING!! Love the layout as well!