Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Share a Card with Imaginisce!

The Imaginisce team is very busy creating holiday cards, but these aren't just any cards.  These cards are going to the Share A Card Organization.  Right now they are holding a Holiday Card Project where they asking for handmade holiday cards. They would love to reach their goal of 10,000 this year. Last year they received almost 9,000 cards.  Here's a little bit about what we are doing.

The purpose of their Holiday card project is:
... to gather Christmas greeting cards and distribute them to seriously ill people who have been featured on ShareaCard and are in active status (we have had an update within the last 6 months). It is well known that the holiday season is extremely depressing to the shut-in and the very ill. They watch all around them as everyone shops and bakes and enjoy themselves, all the while many cannot even leave their homes and are ill from all their medical treatments. YOU can help make a difference in their holiday season! Just imagine the delight when a Feature receives a large box filled with greeting cards from all the United States and Canada, wishing them well and sending along caring thoughts. EVERY card received will make an impact this holiday!

Anyone can participate!  For more detailed info on this fabulous project you can go to their website, Share-a-card or click HERE.
If you aren't a cardmaker you will see that there are a variety of ways in which you can participate.

We would love to challenge you to participate in this project with us & our Design Team.

Here is are the Guidelines for the Holiday Card Project:

*1-- Cards should be signed with your first name and the state in which you are from.

 *2-- Cards can be store bought/handmade or even construction paper. It's the intent behind the card that means the most!

*3--You may mail to all of the Features or select from the list on the right.

*4--We appreciate all cards but suggest cheerful cards of encouragement, rather than "Get Well cards", since our Feature's are all at various stages of their illnesses.

*5--The Year End Feature's names were not known at press time so you may either put a post it note on the front stipulating "December Feature #1" etc... or leave unaddressed and we will write their name on the envelope for you when we sort them.

*6--There is no need to stamp your envelopes in a package of many cards or include stamps.

*7--You may mail your cards as early as you wish but no later than December 1st.

 *8--Small gifts/stickers etc..are accepted but not required!
They will be forwarded onto the Feature's they are addressed to. ShareaCard will cover that postage as well.

*9-- Our Features love children's cards! If possible, have them sign with their first name and their age.

*10--Envelopes are not required. All cards are sorted into boxes so our Features receive your cards no matter how you send them!

*11-- If your cards arrive unaddressed or not in envelopes... no problem! We count all cards so if for example, you send 24 cards...we assume you are sending to all the women. If you send 41 cards, we assume you are sending to all Features. Don't worry, all the cards are distributed!

*12-- Ask your friends to help! We'd love to have your family/youth group/stamping friends/scout troop etc...send cards! If your group needs more info on ShareaCard, we'd be happy to get them the information needed!

*13--Since you have requested to be able to send cards earlier this year and avoid confusion in sorting, we ask that you make sure your outside card package says:
Holiday Card Project

Please follow these addressing instructions:
To mail an individual card to a feature:
Feature Name
Holiday Card Project
c/o ShareaCard.org
  • 992 Hershey Road
  •                                                                Elizabethtown, Pa 17022
    To mail a package of multiple cards:
    Holiday Card Project
    c/o ShareaCard.org
  • 992 Hershey Road
  •                                                                Elizabethtown, Pa 17022

    To see what the DT has been creating, please go to the Imaginisce Blog.  Here is what I did!

    We hope you join us in this wonderful cause.  Thanks for stopping by today!