Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A banner to help celebrate the New Year!

Hey all...hope you have a had a wonderful Christmas! Today I want to share with you a fun way to help you decorate for the New Year Holiday.

I created this banner using my Silhouette and GCD Studios!  First I thought I might dress it up a little more, then when it was finished I really liked how it looked.  It was really easy and that's what I think we all like, especially during the holiday season.  This can be done quickly if you are looking for something to help decorate your New Year's party.

I found these cuts in my Silhouette library.  I had purchased them a little while ago knowing I would use them  to make something.  The only thing  I did, was make the pendants the size I wanted and added letters inside of the pendants so my Silhouette machine would cut them out.  I then added cardstock to the back of them so you were able to see the letters better.  Finally, I tied the pendants together with some twine.  So simple.

I hope you have a fabulous New Year celebrating with friends and family and remember GCD Studios is there to help you out.

GCD Studios Supplies: Country Charm- Super Star #1511, Picnic Blanket #1509, Farm Field Stripe #1506, Floral Field #1507; Oh Happy Day- Priscila #1768  

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