Friday, February 15, 2013

A simple Mini Album with Authentique and your Silhouette

I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say...I am so READY for Spring.  Maybe we can will Spring to come a little quicker by getting crafty with Spring.  Today I want to share with you a cute and easy tag mini album using the new Seasons: Spring Collection

I am gonna show you how I made this album using my Silhouette.

Start off by opening up your Silhouette and selecting your image.  I used the cut "Tad Gift Set" that I purchased in the Silhouette Store.  I am sure you can get the same effect by using similar cuts.

This set comes all grouped together.  You most likely will want your tags and tag holder to be cut from  different patterned papers.  Click on the image, then right click.  Find ungroup and click on it.  This will allow you to separate the tag, box and circle.

Move all the images off the cutting mat except for the box.  Now you are ready to cut.  Authentique's patterned paper is a really good, thick quality, so you are going to want to have your cut settings on Speed 3, Thickness 33, Blade set at 5 and I click the Double Cut Setting.  This will ensure a good clean cut through the paper.

Here it is cut out.

Next fold all of the perforated lines.

Using double sided tape, adhere to the folds that will be going inside the box.  

As you can see...the folds are inside the box so it has a clean look.

Now pull your tag over.  I cut out four separate tags because I wanted each tag to be cut from different patterned papers, but if you want them cut from all of the same paper, click on your tag image to highlight it, right click then pick copy, right click again and select paste.  Do this until you have the desired amount of tags you want for your album.  Once again, cut them out using the same settings above for Authentique paper.

Remove your tags from your page and bring over the circles.  To make more circles for your tags, copy and paste like above and then cut.

These are my tags.

Next is the funnest part...EMBELLISHING!  Those fabulous ribbons...May Arts!

Thanks for popping in today.  Have fun with your Silhouette and Authentique!  Let's all will Spring  Create something fun with Seasons: Spring and your Silhouette!

Authentique Supplies:
Seasons: Spring: Spring Two #SEA006, Enhancements #SEA008, Spring One #SEA005 and Spring Three #SEA007

Other Supplies:
Silhouette Cameo, May Arts Ribbon, brads- Chatterbox and Basic Grey

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