Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting Crafty with the I Bond from Imaginisce!

I love the I Bond, especially because it's cordless, small and I can take it anywhere.  Today I want to show you a fun way to use your I Bond, Snap Rings and Snap Daddies...making rings!  Those  are your supplies.  Make sure you have some ric rac, 2 strips each measuring about 21 inches.  In this tutorial, I made 2 rings, different sizes of ric rack for two different looks.

First off  braid the ric rac together until you get to the end.

After it is all braided, secure the end with hot glue from the I Bond.

Next you will want to start rolling your ric times adding a dab of glue to hold the ric rac together.  Can you see what is forming?  A little rose bud.

This is what it should look like when it is finished. 

I also made another one using larger ric rac and two colors...just for a different look.  When I was done make the bud, I folded some of the ric rac back to make it look more rose like.  I then attached it to a Snap Daddie and Snap Ring...voila!  I did not use the top part of the Snap Daddie because I just want to glue the rose straight to the bottom part of the Snap Daddie.

Now, I have to cute and different looking ric rac rose flower rings.  I added a little bling to my pink one using some I Rocks and the I Rock tool.  It's so nice that I can interchange these roses on the Snap Ring because it snaps off.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have fun with your I Bond.  Make sure you are checking the Imaginisce Blog all week long to see projects by the design team using the I Bond!

Imaginisce Supplies: I Bond, I Rock, I Rocks, Snap Daddie Rings, Medium Snap Daddies, Large Snap Daddies

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