Thursday, April 4, 2013

So Simple with Simple Stories!

Happy Thursday all.  Today I want to share with you a couple of super fun and easy projects I made.  These really took no time at all.  Isn't that one of the purposes of Simple Stories anyway?

The two projects I created feature pictures of me and my hubby Sam.  We love time together and now that the kids are big enough to watch after themselves, we often find ourselves taking off...looking for new adventures.  Sometimes it is an overnighter and sometimes it's what we call our "Day Dates" which means all day long.  I love these times we have together.  It has strengthened our relationship immensely.  
For my first project, I created a layout using the Sn@p Collection.  You will notice in both of my projects  I have used a lot of  4x6 Journaling and Sn@p Cards and 3x4 SN@p Cards.  I love these because not only do they work well for Simple Stories 6x8 Albums, but they work great for layouts and fast mini albums.

Enjoy the ride1

Enjoy the ride2

Enjoy the ride3

Enjoy the ride4

Enjoy the ride5

This was such a fast and easy layout to create and I love how it turned out.  I used six 3x4 Sn@p Cards, embellished them, added pictures and that's it:)
With this next project, I created a mini album using the 4x6 Journaling and Sn@p cards from theUrban Traveler Collection.

Snapshots and memories mini1

Snapshots and memories mini2

Snapshots and memories mini3

Snapshots and memories mini4

Snapshots and memories mini5

Snapshots and memories mini6

Snapshots and memories mini7

Snapshots and memories mini8

Snapshots and memories mini9

Snapshots and memories mini10

Snapshots and memories mini11

Fun right?  This was so easy.  I kid you not...I spent about 3 hours on this mini album.  The 4x6 Cards are so fun and have eye catching designs and graphics on them.  All I had to do was embellish just a little and I was done.  
What will you create with your Journaling and Sn@p Cards?  Get creative...Simple Stories makes it so easy!

Simple Stories Supplies:

Sn@p Collection:
Orange/Notebook #2820
3x4 Sn@p Cards Snappy Sayings #4006
Flash Cards #2809
3x4 Sn@p Cards Snappy Days #4008
3x4 Sn@p Cards Snappy Thoughts #4007
Just the Basics 6x6 Paper Pad #2823
Color Vibe 6x6 Paper Pad #2824
Sticker Icons #4018
Typeset Stickers #4021
Fundamental Cardstock Stickers #2802

Urban Traveler Collection:
4x6 Journaling Card Elements #2911
6x6 Paper Pad #2901
Expression Cardstock Stickers #2903
Fundemental Cardstock Stickers #2902
Chipboard Stickers #2927
4x6 Vertical Journaling Card Elements #2912
Sn@p Cards #2925
Layered Stickers #2928

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