Monday, June 10, 2013

Clear Scraps Acrylic Coaster Tutorial!

Happy Monday all...I know, Monday's bite, but I am hoping to give you some clear, scrappy inspiration today using the The Clear Scraps June Kit!  Today I want to show you how I made this cute frame using the The Acrylic Coasters. Let's get started!
First you will want to have your Acrylic Coaster, a glue pad, embossing powder, stamp and a heat gun.

June Tutorial see the world1

I started off by covering my stamp with the glue from the glue pad.

June Tutorial see the world2

I then stamped my acrylic coaster, just like I would it I were stamping with ink.

June Tutorial see the world3

Next sprinkle the embossing powder over the whole area you stamped.

June Tutorial see the world4

Tap off all of the loose embossing powder.  I found that tamping the backside of the coaster helped to get all of it off.

June Tutorial see the world5

Using your heat gun, start embossing.  Make sure you move the heat gun evenly around the whole coaster.  I learned you will need a little patience using a heat gun on acrylic, so don't will work.  Your coaster will get soft from the heat and bend some.  Turn off your gun and reshape your coaster, then start embossing again. 

June Tutorial see the world6

This is what mine looked like when it was finished.

June Tutorial see the world7

Next, cut out four to five 1 x12 inch strips of patterned paper.  I ended up only using four on my frame, but it all depends on how big you make your pleats.

June Tutorial see the world8

To make the pleats I just gathered and folded the paper strips.  I did however, spray a little water on my strips to make folding them more manageable.  Pleat the whole strip.

June Tutorial see the world9

Start adding your pleated strips to your coaster.  I used Zip Dry to adhered the pleat to the acrylic coaster.  Do this for all four sides.

June Tutorial see the world10

This is what it should look like.

June Tutorial see the world11

To give the frame a more finished look, I added some smaller strips of patterned paper to the middle part of the frame.  I love the look of this!

June Tutorial see the world12

Now for the fun part...adding it to your project.  I wanted to use mine on a layout.

June Tutorial see the world13

June Tutorial see the world14

June Tutorial see the world15

June Tutorial see the world16

How about giving this a go?  Thanks for popping in and taking a look at my tutorial.  I hope you have been inspired to play with your acrylic and the June Kit!

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