Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Joyous Christmas Tree...using Authentique!

I love Christmas paper and when I saw the new collection Joyous from Authentique,  I knew that something special was in store for those pretty papers.  It's not too early for Christmas right?  Today I am going to show you how simple and easy it is to put together rolled flowers for this Christmas tree.

As you can see on this tree, I have about three different types of rolled flowers.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut all these flowers out, but you don't have to have a Silhouette to make rolled flowers.  Let me show you.

This is a piece of patterned paper from the Joyous 6x6 Paper Pad.  This paper pad is perfect for making these flowers, but you can also use the 12x12 patterned paper too.

Cut a circle out of your paper.  This circle ended up being about 4x4 inches.  I free handed my circle and it doesn't need to be perfect, in fact, it is better if it isn't.  It gives the flowers a unique look if your circle isn't a perfect circle.  You can also make whatever size circles for your flowers.

Next, cut your circle out in a spiral, like this picture.  To make your flower look a little more unique, try cutting out the spiral using some scissors that have shaped edges on them.

Now to make your flower come to life.  I used a petal roller to make rolling my flowers easier, but you can use tweezers, a quiling pen or even just your fingers.  I have done it all these ways.  Start from the outside and work you way to the center.

This is what it should look like when you are finished.  Make sure you glue the flower together by adding glue to the very center of the flower, hold it down and make sure all the rolls adhere so your flower stays together.

So, now you have some ideas on how to make your flowers for your tree.  Next up...a cone for your tree.  I found my cone at Hobby Lobby, but I am sure just about any crafting store will have them.  My cone ended up being 12 inches, but you can pick whatever size your would like.

Next, I wrapped patterned paper around my cone and glued it so that you wouldn't be able to see the styrofoam.  There was no rhyme or reason to how I did this.  I had to piece some of it together to make sure the whole cone was covered.

Now to cover your cone.  So that I didn't make more flowers than I needed,  I made about 10 at time and then glued them to the paper covered cone using a glue gun.  Start adhering your flowers at the base of the cone, working your way around the cone, alternating flower styles and colors.  

Once you are finished adhering your flowers, add whatever embellishment you want to the top.  For mine, I stuck a small wooden dowel into the top of the cone.  I glued the dowel to these cute Joyous Statements  and tied a ribbon onto the dowel.

This was definitely one of my favorite projects that I have ever done.  I loved seeing it come together and Authentique's Joyous Collection was perfect for this Christmas Tree.  Thanks for stopping by and have fun crafting with Authentique.

Authentique Supplies: 
Joyous Collection: Foundations Paper #JOY007, Decorate #JOY001, Magical #JOY002, Classic #JOY003, 6x6 Bundle #JOY010, Advent Block #JOY013 and Statements #JOY015 


Lisa Sumpter said...

this is absolutely stunning. Saw it on the Authentique blog.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely! Would love to make one for my mother. May I ask how you made the flowers with scalloped edges?

Forestwood Amanda said...

Yes I also would like to know about the flowers with the scalloped edges. Do you use a special tool? The tree looks stunning and thx for posting this fun project.