Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Samantha Walker Fall Banner!

Happy Saturday, I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and getting some crafting in.  Today I would like to share with you a quick and easy way to make a fall banner.  This can also be found on Samantha Walker's Blog.

So to make this banner, I used: some strong twine, a rotary cutter and fabric.  The fabric I used is Samantha's Decadence Fabric from Riley Blake Designs.

First off you need to cut your strips of fabric.  I cut mine 1 inch by 16 inches.  You, however, can decide on the length and thickness you prefer.  I cut out three pieces of each fabric pattern and there are seven patterns here, but you can have as many patterns and strips as you would like.  

Next I tied a knot at one end of my twine, leaving it in a loop at the end so that I can hang mine up.  

Now, fold one of your strips in half and lay it over the top of the twine.

Take the bottom part and slip it underneath the twine.

Now, take the end again and slip it between the loop.

Pull it tight, but make sure you can still slide it along the twine.

Add more pieces.,,as many as you would like.

I decided to add some die cut leaves to my banner, so I left spaces, but you can personalize your banner however you like.

I used one of Samantha's die cuts found in the Silhouette store.  This leaf is called 2 Layer Swirly Leaf.  I also added some stickers to the leafs using Samantha's Orchard Harvest Collection from Creative Imaginations, now known as Splash of Color.

Pretty easy right?  Now you can give it a try.  Samantha has some adorable fabrics found at Riley Blake Designs.  Thanks for stopping in.

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