Thursday, December 19, 2013

12 Days of Christmas...a Silhouette Free Shape Tutorial

Are you enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas so far?  Who doesn't love free shape right?  Guiseppa here and I want to share with you how I used the Peppermint creating your own background.


First off, open up your Silhouette Software an select the Free Peppermint Shape you downloaded.


Next you will want to ungroup the shape.  Do this by highlighting the shape, right click with your mouse and select the ungroup option.


You will now see boxes around the two different part of the shape.


Delete the large circle by highlighting it and using the delete button on your keyboard.


Now, erase the outside of the circle of the Peppermint Shape by selecting the Eraser option on the left hand side of your Studio Software.  The Eraser Option will appear on the right hand sides of the screen.  Select the smallest eraser and make sure you choose the outline option below the eraser.


Drag the cursor over to the Peppermint Shape and start erasing the outside circle only.  Make sure you hold the button down on your mouse the whole time you are erasing.  If you let go, just go back to the eraser button on the left hand side of the screen and click on it to continue erasing.  Make sure all the outside red is gone.


Now, let's group this shape together and make it one.  Highlight it by encircling the whole shape. Do you see how the shape is separated into many parts?  If we do not Group the whole thing together, it may not stay together every well.  This way is the easiest way to complete the background.


You will want to group it together by right clicking on the shape an selecting Group.  The whole thing is now one shape.



Next you will want to resize your Peppermint Shape unless you want one this big.  Remember you are designing your own background so size is a preference.  It's what you like.  To do this, use one of the small boxes in the corner and drag it towards the middle of the shape.


So we don't have to repeat all of the above steps, I simply highlighted my shape, right clicked and selected copy.


Then I right clicked again and selected paste.


Now you have two Peppermint Shapes.


Resize this one to your liking and continue the copy and paste and resize process until you fill up your 12 x 12 space.  This is what mine ended up looking like.  As you can see , I have some of my Peppermint Shapes off the page.  That's okay.  Your Silhouette won't cut beyond the red 12 x 12 square.  So let's cut!  For my cut settings I chose Double Cut with a blade setting of 5.


Here is what mine looked like all cut out.

peppermint tutorial17





Thanks for stopping by to see how I used the Peppermint Shape and I hope you are enjoying your 12 Days of Christmas free Silhouette Shapes with tutorials!  Make sure you are stopping by the Silhouette Blog to see all of the projects made with the free shapes!  Also, make sure you are going to the Silhouette Online Store to download your free shapes!

Peppermint Shape

Products Used:
Silhouette CAMEO
Silhouette Blade
Silhouette CAMEO 12″ cutting mat


Laurie Leahey said...

Totally loving the peppermint background!!!

Liz said...

Wow! Love this background. Thanks for tutorial.