Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Samantha Walker Gift Bag Tutorial!

Happy Saturday all my Samantha Walker fans!  Today I would like to share with you a quick way to decorate your plain gift bags using Samantha's Snowflakes!

Gather your supplies:
patterned paper (I used some of Samantha's from her Christmas Traditions by Creative Imaginations)
craft bags
spray adhesive

Open up your Silhouette and go into your library to pick your snowflakes.  I used some of Samantha's.  They all have the same name "Snowflake".  You can see them here:

You will want to re-size it down to your desired size in order to fit on your bag.  I re-sized mine down to just under 8.5 inches because the length of the bag is 8.50 inches.  You can do this by simply dragging the corners of the shape until you hit the size you would like.

Here are my snowflakes.  I am making two bags, so I cut out two snowflakes.  I am keeping the centers of the snowflakes to use on the tags.

Decide how you would like your snowflake to look on your bag and then cut it.

Spray your snowflake with spray adhesive on the side you want showing on the bag.  I put my snowflake in a box and sprayed so that I didn't get any over spray on anything.

Then before your spray adhesive dries, sprinkle the whole thing with glitter and let it dry.

After it dries, turn it over on the other side and spray it again with the spray adhesive.

Adhere it to your bag right away.

What a fun and simple way to dress up those plain craft bags!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this gave you some ideas!  Happy Crafting!

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