Monday, January 20, 2014

New Silhouette Product...Stencil Material!

Hello, I am so excited about all of the fun new product Silhouette put out this year. Today I get to share with you a layout I made using the Stencil Material.
If you are intimidated by I was for a long time, your going to love Silhouette's Stencil Material.  What I love best out it is that it is sticky on the back...yep sticky and that's fabulous for misting!
Silhouette Stencil Material2
Here is what my paper looked like before I embellished it.  I used the Love Background Shape.  I simply made it larger and cut it out.  The settings for the Stencil Material are blade 3, speed 2 and thickness 33.  I did click on double cut as well, just to make sure.
Silhouette Stencil Material1
It was so easy an best of all it stuck to my paper which means no bleeding!
Silhouette Stencil Material3
Silhouette Stencil Material4
Silhouette Stencil Material5
Silhouette Stencil Material6
Silhouette Stencil Material7
This was so fun and I can't wait to try it with other shapes and different mediums.  Thanks for stopping by and watch for the new product in the store because you are going to want it all...simply fabulous!


New Product:
Stencil Material...COMING SOON!

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