Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Samantha Walker's Card Gate Fold Kitty...tutorial!

Happy Tuesday morning!  Today I would love to share with you the new Card Gate Fold Kitty.

This card has some layering to it and I would love to show you how I made it.

First off, open up the card in the Silhouette Software. Do this by highlighting the whole shape, right clicking and selecting ungroup.  Now, you have all the pieces of your card separated and you can move them as you like.  

I decided to cut the card out first, so I removed all of the cat pieces off the mat area.  I did leave the image of the cat off to the side so that I could refer back to it.  Make sure you set your cut settings according to the type of paper you are using.  I also removed the front panels of the card because I wanted them to be a different color.

Decide what color you want the background color of your cat to be.  Start with that piece first.  You will end up with four different colors for your cat not counting the eyes.  Doing this will help to distinguish the different parts and layers of the cat.

The next piece to cut out would be the front body parts that include the legs.  

Then cut the fur around the face.

Then the heart shaped face body and feet.  Remember these are all different colors .

Your final step is cutting the eyes.  You'll want to cut out the largest circles in black.  You will be layering the rest of the eyes onto the black circles.

Next cut out the round inside part of the eye.  The smaller circles in the center will pop out allowing the black part to show through.

Now for the half moon shapes.  These need to be just a little darker than the inside part of the eye.  They will go on the bottom part of the eye.

Lastly, the little small heart shaped pieces.  These will go next to the black pupil of the cat's eye.  I would suggest using white.

Here is a look at what all of your pieces should look like.  Now, you can start putting your cat together.

Start with the two biggest pieces of the cat.  Glue the leg piece onto the piece with the tail.  I decided to put all my pieces through the Zyron, making it easier to assemble.

Next up the fur piece that is around the face.

Now for the face, middle part and the body with feet.

Finally the heart nose and eyes.

I then put my card together gluing on the front panels.

Add the cute cats.  Make sure you line them up on the card so their tails make a heart.  How cute!

This card is (purfect) for those cat lovers in your life.  Thanks for popping in and I hope you enjoy this new card.  Make sure you stop by Samantha's Silhouette Portfolio to see all of her fun shapes.  There are some new ones for Valentines Day too!  Also stop by her blog where the design team has so many fun tutorial and ideas using Samantha Walker's Silhouette Shapes.

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