Monday, March 10, 2014

Silhouette's Stencil Material Tutorial!

I have been so excited to try the new Stencil Material with modeling paste, so I have put together a tutorial for you showing you all how easy it is to do.  If you love dimension and texture on your scrappy projects...this is for you!  This is what I will be doing today!
stencil material modeling paste tutorial11
A few things you will need:
Modeling Paste
Glitter (I used Silhouette's glitter because it is the bestest)
Stencil Material from Silhouette
Metal Spatula
stencil material modeling paste tutorial3
Now open up your Silhouette Software and pick the shape you would like to use.  I chose the Irregular Chevron Background.  Set your blade setting to the Stencil Material which is a speed of 1, a thickness of 18 and blade at 9.  Then cut it out.
stencil material modeling paste tutorial1
After you cut it out, peel it off and punch out the pieces in the negative spaces. Then lay it down onto your project and lightly press it down.  The Stencil Material has an adhesive back, so it should stick nicely.
stencil material modeling paste tutorial2
Mix your modeling paste and glitter.
stencil material modeling paste tutorial4
stencil material modeling paste tutorial5
Using your metal spatula, fill in all the open areas of the stencil that you want to have the modeling paste in. 
stencil material modeling paste tutorial6
stencil material modeling paste tutorial7
Once you have covered whole stencil area, sprinkle more glitter over the top and then shake off the excess.
stencil material modeling paste tutorial8
Finally, slowly pull off the stencil.  You want to do this while the modeling paste is wet because it will become very dry and hard, making it hard to pull off the stencil.  Once it's off let it dry before you finish your project.
stencil material modeling paste tutorial9
stencil material modeling paste tutorial10
Here is a look at some close ups of my  layout.  I chose to do a lot of my project in gold and green in honor of St. Patrick's Day.  Don't you just love those gold leaves?  I used Silhouette's Printable Gold Foil and cut out the leaves in the foil and Silhouette's Chipboard to make them stronger...just perfect!
stencil material modeling paste tutorial12
stencil material modeling paste tutorial13
Do you like a little bit of bling?  Oh yes, the green rhinestones are from Silhouette too!
stencil material modeling paste tutorial14
So now you know, you can use Silhouette's Stencil Material to make your projects have awesome dimension.  Make sure you are checking out the Silhouette Blog for lots of ideas!  Thanks for stopping in, happy cutting and have a fabulous week!
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Beatrice Lawson said...

That looks stunning! I never thought to mix glitter with modelling paste, brilliant idea! Quick question from a new Cameo owner... is the stencil reusable? Can you actually wipe it after you pull it off the layout?

Guiseppa said...

Beatrice...yes you can use it again and I did clean mine off using mild liquid soap and warm water and it is still sticky.

Nicole said...

How pretty and what a brilliant idea! Makes me actually want to get my huge stash of glitter out.

Craftyretiredlady said...

Love this one! Can NOT wait to do it! Just happen to buy the modeling paste just the other day... so I am ready...wooot