Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Silhouette Sketch and Cut Title Tutorial

I love experimenting with my Silhouette Software.  So, I was just goofing around and came up with this fun layout.  I used my Sketch Pens as well and some star shapes to create a fun and unique title.
Note:  If you click on the pictures they will show up larger so that you can see how to do this tutorial in your Silhouette Software:)

I love the look it gave this layout.  So, let me share with you what I did!  First off I picked out my title.  I chose the Cool word for my title.  
sketch and cut title tutorial1
I wanted my title to be very big, so to do this I used the little squares in the corners or the Scale window to size my title.
sketch and cut title tutorial2
Once I had it the size I liked, I moved it to where I wanted it to be on my page.  
sketch and cut title tutorial3
Next, I picked my patterned paper and color of Sketch Pen I wanted to use and I loaded into my CAMEO. I also replaced my blade for my Sketch Pen and then hit the Cut icon.  Next I clicked on the Line Segment Overcut Feature.  It's on the little triangles on the upper right hand corner of the screen, below the Cut icon.  I picked the triangle that solid.  Next I selected the Silhouette Sketch Pen.  When I did that it automatically adjusted the settings to sketch .  I then clicked on Send to Silhouette to cut.  Once it was done sketching out my title, I left it in my CAMEO....DO NOT UNLOAD YOUR MAT!  
sketch and cut title tutorial4
sketch and cut title tutorial11
Next, I inserted my some stars inside the title.  
sketch and cut title tutorial5
I wanted my stars really small, so I Ungrouped them by right clicking and selecting Ungroup.  Now they are separated and I can change them.  I used the smallest star and made it even smaller .  I used the same process to make the star smaller as I did to make the title larger.
sketch and cut title tutorial6
I then placed my star inside of the Cool title.  
sketch and cut title tutorial7
I wanted stars all over inside my title, so I copied and pasted them just like you would in a Microsoft Word program.
sketch and cut title tutorial8
So, now to cut, but before I did I removed the Cool title.  Now I am just left with the stars.  I didn't want to cut the title out, just the stars.  
sketch and cut title tutorial10
I repeated the same process I did to sketch the title, but now I put back in my blade.  I then set my paper setting.  I used the Patterned Paper Medium Weight setting and then pressed the Send to Silhouette button.  This is what it looked like when I was done.  
sketch and cut title tutorial12
I decided I wanted my stars different colors, so I simply adhered different colors of patterned paper to the back of the page. 
sketch and cut title tutorial14
Some close ups...I love to embellish!  I also used the Cursive Cool and Acoustic and Electric Guitar shapes.
sketch and cut title tutorial15
sketch and cut title tutorial16
Thanks for hanging out with me today and I hope you can find fun ways to play with your Silhouette Software!  Until next time and happy cutting!
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