Monday, July 14, 2014

A Silhouette Hand Stitching Tutorial

Hello Silhouette Fans!  Guiseppa here and I am pretty excited to share with you my project and tutorial today!  How many of you love all the hand stitching you are seeing on layouts?  I love the look, there is just one problem, you have to buy templates for all the cute designs and fonts. Well, what if I say there is a way to use all of those cute shapes you see in the Silhouette Store to help you stitch on your layouts?  Let me show you what I did!

hand stitching tutorial10

First choose your shape.  I used the one of the fun Anchor shapes from the Silhouette Store.  Next you will want to decide the size of your shape.  I kept mine large because I wanted it to stand out and fill up my whole page.  If you have trouble seeing the pictures, click on them to make them larger.

hand stitching tutorial1

Now, click on the Line Style Window.  

hand stitching tutorial2

Choose the perforation you would like to use and click on it.  I recommend the largest one.  

hand stitching tutorial3

Make sure you have your image where you will want it on your page then cut it.  Use the proper setting for your type of paper.  It is hard to see the perforations, but if you hold it up to a light or an open window, you can see the cuts.  

hand stitching tutorial4

Now, let's do some hand stitching.  I used twine and a big needle to make this stand out.  Make sure you do your hand stitching in between the perforated lines.  Use those lines as a guide.  Now, I realize you could do this with the Sketch and Cut feature, but I was worried that some of my stitching would not be perfect and I would be able to see some of the pen marks.  The perorations are harder to see.  So, first off after threading your needle, make your first stitch and pull the twine all the way through until the end and tape that end on the back of you layout.  See how this first stitch is in between one of the lines?

hand stitching tutorial5

To make sure your stitching is continuous and there are no gaps, skip a perforated line and come up with your needle from underneath your paper.  Then bring your needle back to your first stitch and stick it through it through.

hand stitching tutorial6

hand stitching tutorial7

hand stitching tutorial8

Repeat all of the steps until you have stitched your whole shape.

hand stitching tutorial9

Now, finish your layout with your pictures and embellishments.  

hand stitching tutorial11

hand stitching tutorial12

hand stitching tutorial13

Hope you liked my tutorial today!  Go ahead and try it out,  There are so many fun things in the Silhouette Store to choose from.

Shapes Used:

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Juliana Michaels said...

Such a fun idea! Thanks for the inspiration!!!