Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fabric Tag Tutorial using Samantha Walker's Fabric!

Happy Saturday friends!  Today I would like to share with you a quick tag tutorial using Samantha's Decadence fabric from Riley Blake Designs.  This one is a great way to use up those scraps!

Gather your fabric.  Remember I used the Decadence Fabric...perfect for Fall.  Cut out your strips of fabric tom make your tag.  Mine are 1.25 x 2.50 inches.

Next, you will want to fray the edges of the fabric strips.  Do this by pulling the strands of fabric away from the strip until you get your desired look.

After I got my strips to look the way I wanted, I applied some Fray Check to keep them from fraying any further.

Next I cut an upside down V shape into my fabric strip.  I added more Fray Check to the fabric strip to keep it from fraying.  After it dried, I roughed up the frays a little more just by running my finger nail through it.

I cut out some paper tags to go along with the fabric strips.  I used Samantha's 8 Piece Tag Set from the Silhouette Store and added a little sentiment from her Buntings and Banners Clear Stamps from JustRite Stamps.  I also used Silhouette's Printable Gold Foil and cut out the 2 Layer Swirly Leaf, also Samantha's shape.  I left the swirl leaf out and just used the solid leaf.

I cut out Samantha's Basket with Quadruple Straight Bow and her Bag: Fall Leaves and embellished them with my tags.  Now, I have some cute treat holders, perfect for the Fall Season.

Thanks for stopping and I hope you enjoy your day!  I have listed below links to all the supplies I used!

Samantha's Silhouette Shapes:

Samantha's Stamps:

Samantha's Fabric:

Samantha's Paper:

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