Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Carta Bella Words o Love Matchbox Valentine Tutorial

Good morning all!  Today I would like to share the cutest little Valentine tutorial.  I will show you how to make Matchbox Valentines using the Words of Love Collection and the Designer Die and Stamp Set Because I Love Die/Stamp.

To make these little cuties, you can either use the big matchboxes or the little ones.  I chose the little ones because I thought it would be cute to hand them out to the little neighbor kids.

First you are going to need to measure your box.  Start off by measuring the width and then cut the strip.

Then measure each side that will be covered in the paper.  Score the lines so that the paper will fold easily over the matchbox.  Just to let you know, I used the 6x6 Paper Pad from this collection.  It worked perfectly and I didn’t have to cut into my 12x12 pieces of patterned paper.

Next, make two pieces for the ends of the matchbox.  I simply traced the ends and cut them out.

Using the adhesive of your choice, glue the measured and scored paper to your matchbox.

Look how cute!

Finally embellish! 

Here are some more pictures of my Valentine Matchboxes.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

Carta Bella Supplies:
Words of Love 6x6 Paper Pad
Designer Dies and Stamp Set Because I Love Die/Stamp

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